"Bridging the gap between
profit and loss."
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Allied Collection Services, Inc. (ACSI) offers a comprehensive range of collection services for all 50 states which include:

Regular Account Placement

ACSI will handle your entire portfolio of collection accounts on a contingency fee basis. As is the industry standard, the fee for our services is based on a reasonable percentage of the amounts paid to our firm by your customers, after the accounts have been placed with our agency for collection. The actual percentage amount (contingency fee) will be negotiated with you prior to the acceptance and signing of our contract.

Account Forwarding

ACSI has an established referral relationships with attorneys and law firms located in every state across the entire country. As an active member of the American Collectors Association, (ACA) we have access to their Member Attorney Program (MAP) list of affiliate attorneys. Our membership in the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC) grants us access to their affiliate attorney members as well. In the past, we have worked with attorneys or firms from the various national listing companies and collections related organizations, such as the National Association of Retail Collections Attorneys, (NARCA) or the Commercial Law League of America. (CLLA) Having several networks of attorneys and law firms in place, gives us the legal edge necessary to collect your accounts in every state!

This membership also allows us to contact these other members for location information. This also allows us to send an account to the members for legal proceedings if necessary.

Pre-Collect Services

ACSI has a state of the art computer system which allows us to create a custom tailor-made receivables management campaign to fit your specific servicing and fee needs. Our typical Pre-collect services are either:
  1. Based on a set dollar fee per account which includes a dunn letter series and telephone phone calls.
  2. - OR -
  3. Based on a minimal percentage of what is collected while your accounts remain within a pre-collect status which includes a dunn letters series and telephone calls.
We will be happy to provide you with any type of pre-collect, out sourced third-party collections services, or billing services your organization may require.

Legal Accounts

ACSI makes every effort to collect your accounts without the need to commence costly and time-consuming legal actions. Our collection strategies and practices have been structured to allow all of your customers an amicable way to resolve their indebtedness.

Unfortunately, there are times when the legal option will become necessary. For this reason, we have a collections trial attorney supervising the daily operations and growing staff of dedicated legal services professionals working in our in-house Legal Department.

Our Legal Department works hand-in-hand with our Skip Tracing Department to ensure the most positive of results. Only debtors that have refused to pay voluntarily and have been identified to possess active employment and/or home or property ownership are referred for suit. We utilize all methods of judgment enforcement available by law to maximize recoveries in a timely fashion.

At ACSI, we have the knowledge and many years of experience necessary to handle your accounts, from initial demand thru a possible bankruptcy or deceased debtors estate claim.